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Dental hygienist

Our hygienist’s key aim is to prevent and treat gum disease through hygiene treatments. Gum disease is now one of the leading causes of tooth loss in adults. By including regular professional teeth cleaning in your oral routine, you can help to prevent gum disease and tooth decay.

Why do I need to see a dental hygienist?

Regular visits to your hygienist put you in the best position for detecting any oral health problems before they become symptomatic or require treatment.
Hygienists are trained to thoroughly clean your teeth and gums and can get to those hard-to-reach places to provide a professional deep clean. After leaving your hygienist appointment you will notice a fresher, cleaner smile and making a hygienist visit part of your dental care regime you can stay one step ahead and avoid becoming one of the 19 out of every 20 people who will suffer from gum disease during their life.

What happens during a hygienist appointment?

Each hygienist appointment is tailored to your needs. Our hygienist will assess your oral health and advise on the best treatment and prevention techniques. A hygienist appointment will include scaling of teeth, oral health advice and, if clinically necessary, a gum measurement chart. Our hygienists will recommend any further appointments that may be needed and advice on how frequently you should be seen based on your individual oral health.

Oral Health Advice

Prevention is better than cure and identifying early signs of tooth decay or gum inflammation enables your practitioner to address the problem swiftly. Our hygienists will recommend the best type of oral hygiene cleaning for you which can be purchased after your hygienist appointment at our reception desk.
As well as a thorough scale and polish, your hygienist will also provide a complete check of your overall oral health and provide you with tailored, individual advice on how to maintain the best oral health, from diet to dental care.

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